A Story of True Love and Genuine Friendship

It was 2008.  Dimitri and Naomi met at a youth leadership seminar called Illinois Leadership Seminar (ILS). Dimitri (aka Dimi, Dimi Moore, Dimi Moore) participated in ILS since his sophomore year of high school.

Dr. Joyce Brown, his school counselor, nominated him to attend which would be something that changed his life forever. Naomi was looking for a volunteerism outlet other than the soup kitchen she worked at and learned about ILS through a colleague at TAP.

There wasn’t any purpling…

Flash forward 13 months from Naomi’s first ILS experience, Dimitri asked her to lunch at Penny’s in Wrigleyville and found out it wasn’t a date. He was interested in Naomi but the timing just wasn’t right for her.

Flash forward another 9 months as the Columbia was holding a ribbon-cutting event for the new MPC stage.

Naomi sees Dimitri and receives the best hug ever!  This prompts Naomi to invite Dimitri to an upcoming dinner party. 

After attending the party and fixing some stuff around the apartment, Naomi invited Dimitri back to a second dinner party with a magician. Why a magician?  Well, it seemed like a good idea and indeed it was.  After a magical evening, where Dimitri got to use the magic wand, Dimitri woo’d Naomi with his humor and true-hearted nature. Naomi was entranced and ultimately mesmerized by Dimitri which caused her to gravitate next to him each chance she got.

One week later after continuing the friendship and chatter on Facebook, Naomi and Dimitri decided they should go catch a movie together.  Naomi chose, My Name is Khan, a cultural movie on limited release only showing at 4:15pm on a Friday. 

Naomi was nervous and took special effort to get out of work early to meet Dimitri at Piper’s Alley Movie Theatre in Old Town.  Dimitri didn’t know what to make of it having been “turned down” less than a year before.

Arriving prior to Dimitri, Naomi went to procure tickets for the event.  Upon doing so, the movie theatre manager indicated that the film had been dropped (physically) and had broken.  While this was occurring, Dimitri walked up and thought Naomi had brought another man to the showing, thereby it wasn’t a date.  However, upon further understanding, he realized it was the movie theatre manager.

Instead of catching some random movie, they decided to grab dinner at Flattop Grill. They walked around Old Town . . .

visiting art galleries, the Spice House . . .

Old Town Oil . . .

The Fudge Pot . . .

and Pier One during which time, Naomi went in & out of Dimitri’s personal space confusing him. Everywhere Dimitri went, he seemed to run into someone he knew including one from a passing vehicle as they were in the middle of crossing the street.

At Pier One, Naomi found a bunny and gave it “Sharp Pointy Teeth” (Monty Python style)

scarring Dimitri for life.

After leaving Pier One, he had built up the courage to kiss her in a nearby dark alley.  Naomi’s knees buckled and thankfully Dimitri caught her sealing their souls and life together.

After a year of . . . activity . . .

. . . they returned to Old Town and embarked on the same journey with a few changes.

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